Bulk Supply

In BIKAIN, we supply our products directly into silos at the works. Our fleet of trailer-trucks transport the silos to the works site. Whenever the silo needs refilling, our cistern-trucks supply the material to the site. This way we guarantee quick and efficient 24-hour service.

Our silo system provides important advantages:


– It guarantees homogeneity of the product and a constant level of quantity. – It allows using different types of products, adequate for the most diverse applications. – There is the possibility of pumped elevation of the product, according to the site. – It allows the use of products in unfavourable weather conditions.


– Space is saved, because there is no need for storing arids and cements on the site. – The needs for space are reduced. – The silo does not require much space – Risk of theft on the site is eliminated. – The product can be stored, without any problem, in the most adverse weather conditions.


– Sites are much cleaner Mountains of sand, cement, etc. are avoided. – The environment is respected Material spills and the formation and distribution of dust are avoided. – It provides order, safety and cleanliness, above all in urban and heavily transited areas.


– Large personnel and handling cost savings. The product is always ready for use. – Site stoppages are non-existent. The supply of material can adapt to any work rhythm. – Only the strictly necessary quantity of each material is used and there is greater cost control of material consumption. – There are not any problems with excess material, because we take care of removing it. Therefore it is adequate for any type and size of application.

In addition, BIKAIN puts at the disposition of its customers and users, the most advanced technology in easy-to-handle machinery and equipment for the mixing, distribution and application of its products. Our team of skilled professionals will assess you regarding the use or handling of each type of machine. Nevertheless, if you do require any clarification or explanation, feel free to contact our Logistics Department who will resolve any problem that may arise.